Capitalizing on Alternative Real Estate Investments

GLI is a privately held real estate investment management firm that specializes in hotel investments. We target and invest in properties that offer attractive returns in the current economic cycle. Our initial strategy focuses on opportunities in Limited Service Hotels, a market segment under the radar for most investment firms. Targeted acquisitions are improved and managed through our property management group to better optimize the management of each asset. We seek to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns to our investors while preserving capital.


GLI sources properties across targeted geographies where the implementation of our operating strategy can deliver both current yields and additional total return at exit. We focus on situations where overall market fundamentals are robust, but where management issues and other related factors create the opportunity to unlock value.

Investment Approach:  Investments are made within a hotel property segment that generally falls below the radar of institutional investors, but do generate interest from individual buyers and small groups. We perform a hands on data intensive analysis of property sales and the competitive market place data to better identify and position each property in our portfolio.
Competitive Advantage: We bring our centralized property management model to a segment of the market that quickly benefits from our approach. We isolate opportunities that should require relatively short holding periods.
Revenue Driven: GLI improves revenue growth through a tailored mix of guest service initiatives, property level enhancements and real time pricing strategies.

Asset Management

GLI Hospitality Advisors (GLHA) manages all of GLI’s hotel investment properties. GLHA leverages over two decades of experience in managing limited and select service hotels to evaluate a property, and to develop a customized strategy to increase value.  We understand that properly managed hotels are key to a positive guest experience, revenue growth and property price appreciation.

GLHA performs a full range of services

asset management

property management








We maximize property value through a comprehensive sales and marketing strategy.  GLHA deploys an innovative e-commerce strategy based on a data-driven analysis.  These centrally managed initiatives drive revenue growth.


Michael Lawsky

Mike has broad experience in financial services with leadership positions in investment banking, alternatives, and asset management. Prior to forming GLI, LLC, Mike worked with a quantitative hedge fund in managing risk, trading, portfolio construction, distribution and operations. From 2010 to 2013 Mr. Lawsky was Managing Director at UBS, leading distribution, trading & research business units. From 1997-2010 Mike was a Managing Director at Barclays Capital/Lehman Brothers where he established and led a number of global trading, financing, sales and investment platforms. His industry relationships include highly complex and large alternative and traditional investment management firms, pension funds and broker dealers globally. Mr. Lawsky also has sales experience across multiple investor channels including Fund of Funds, High Net Worth Individuals, Pension Funds, Corporations, RIAs and Family Offices. Mr. Lawsky has both an undergraduate and master’s degree from Cornell University.

Doug Gamble

Doug formed Gamble Hospitality in 2003. Gamble graduated from Cornell University in 1991 and immediately began working in franchise sales/development for Holiday Inn and US Franchise Systems. During this time, Gamble estimates he toured more than 1,400 hotels/motels. Spending countless hours with owners and operators, Gamble learned not only what these owners/operators considered their secret to success, but equally important, what to avoid—chief among those was to stay clear of markets without significant barriers to entry. Periods of excess supply have been problematic to the business for decades and even though his model is a quick in and out, concentrating on markets with limited potential for new supply will pay for itself upon resale. Overall, Gamble has successfully joined his knowledge of smart hotel acquisitions with progressive electronic marketing to deliver exceptional returns for his partners. Since creating his Revenue Generating Program, Gambles’ most recent acquisitions have experienced the greatest and quickest revenue increases to date.